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We approach ‘Care’ in a wider sense. We start with ‘Listening’. It starts from your first point of contact with us. It may be a phone call, SMS or email.

‘Listening’ is listening with full attention, listening with all our senses, listening to capture your hesitations, listening to understand your emotions, listening to understand your longings, your aspirations. Yes. Our care delivery process starts with active listening. This leads to clarifying questions about what you communicate. Then, we ask our own questions, to which you will respond, which will be clarified further. In this manner, we carry out examination, addressing all relevant areas pertaining to your problems. We will do the same with your relatives who have accompanied you, if needed.

The process goes on till we reach the diagnosis and issues involved in your care are understood. Then, we communicate our understanding to you to verify what you have communicated is understood correctly by us. We then educate you about our understanding of your condition and the possible treatment options. With further discussion, treatment plan will be agreed upon by both of us. It will be initiated with a careful follow-up plan, till you experience relief and satisfaction and till you feel healthy again. Empowering you to take on your life with enthusiasm and confidence, creating smiles of relief, satisfaction and happiness is the guiding vision of our care delivery process.