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‘I don't feel satisfied even repeated washing of hands’.

‘I would feel dirty, even after washing my hands many times. Unless I wash again (and again), I won’t be feeling relieved or satisfied’. ‘That also lasts only for a short time, till I touch something, which may look very harmless to others’.

‘I have to count the Rupee notes 6 times to be sure’. ‘I cannot tolerate my things being shifted here and there. They have to be in the order I have set’.

‘He keeps on keeping and collecting the covers of the things. They have filled these big cupboards which are already overflowing. He says, it will be needed in future!’

She cannot come out of toilet even after 30 minutes. A bathing takes over an hour. Finished one soap in 2 to 3 days. So much water is wasted! We are not able to use the bathroom or toilet, because she is not coming out!

‘I cannot prevent that sexual thoughts coming to my mind again and again. I get very upset. I am not able to concentrate. I feel so guilty and ashamed of that thought. I am unable to stop that thought, however I try to control and avoid’.

‘I am unable to keep knives and scissors in my home. I am afraid; I might use it to harm others. I get panic at the site of any sharp objects and throw them out’.

The list can go endless. In fact, if we allow, OCD patients can go on and on for hours talking about their suffering due to the intrusive obsessive thoughts, images, urges, impulses and compulsive behaviours.

Luckily, it is one of the eminently treatable conditions, like depression. In fact, many OCD patients get depressed and present with both. At Vazhikatti, all of our team members are interested and experienced in treating OCD. We offer family counseling, individual behaviour therapy, exposure and response prevention, pharmacotherapy with tablets, illness education and self help groups.

Visit any day at 10.00 am with prior appointment. Be prepared to be here till 2.00 pm, if needed.

If your condition is complex and severe you may need In-Patient treatment.

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